Packing for a Two-Week Trip (Again)

Two years ago, I got a Timbuk2 Aviator backpack for a two-week trip to Europe and documented what I packed and the results.

I’ll be going on a similar trip again this year, so I’m reviewing my packing list to see what I’ll change this time. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Swap for smaller / lighter: pajamas, running tank, water bottle (just bought a collapsible Vapur bottle), dress, raincoat (just got this, very packable)
  • Swap for better: Instead of $10 Forever 21 skinny jeans (seriously!) I picked up a pair of Prana Halle pants in grey. I like that they convert to capris. I’m also going to try this Royal Robbins shirt – the sleeves can be configured in three ways.
  • Skip: Swimsuit (didn’t use), printed leggings (wore once), possibly the rain jacket depending on forecast.
  • Add: Sandals would have been nice in the heat, so I’m hunting for a lightweight, flat pair that I can walk miles in. I usually wear sandals with a 2″ heel and they are too bulky to pack.

Clothes for a 2-week trip to Europe


Here’s the full list from last time with notes:

  • 2 dresses – pack a very thin, light dress instead of jersey
  • 1 skirt – keep
  • 2 pairs of leggings (1 black, 1 gray print) – skip 1
  • 2 pairs of tights (1 black, 1 gray) – skip 1
  • 1 cardigan (gray) – keep (similar)
  • 4 tanks (black, gray, blue, green) – maybe bring 1 very light running tank and 1 or 2 others
  • 1 collared sleeveless shirt – maybe skip
  • 1 light, short-sleeved sweater -replace with tshirt
  • 1 pair running shorts – keep
  • 1 pair sneakers – keep
  • 1 pair flats – pack sandals in addition, or instead
  • underthings – keep, of course
  • sleepwear – bring something much lighter / smaller
  • scarf – keep
  • rain jacket – maybe keep depending on weather
  • on the plane: jeans / tshirt / hoodie – swapping jeans for pants

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