For the last five years, I’ve admired the Washington Post Peeps diorama contest and its colorful entries.  This year, I wanted to give it a try.

I decided to tackle the convenient pun “WikiPeeps”.   A few sketches came to mind, but ultimately, it was the image of Julian Assange interviewed while on house arrest at Ellingham Hall that seemed the most iconic and timely.

WikiPeeps' Julian Assange

I started with a small shoebox which I lined with paper, felt, and a cutout of the mansion.  The mug and camera are made of polymer clay, and I wove the scarf out of embroidery floss on a tiny makeshift cardboard loom.   I recreated the December 2010 Time magazine cover and sewed a miniature version.

The Peeparazzi

Is this a bit silly? Maybe.  Was it fun to make? Definitely.  But I wasn’t just trying to be absurd; for me, WikiLeaks has been one of the most thought provoking things to happen in years.  And what better way to immortalize a moment than with marshmallow?

3 thoughts on “WikiPeeps”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Congratulations on the diorama. It looks fantastic and so clean. I love all the props you made. Have you heard anything from the WaPo?

    Great work,

  2. This is great. The peep on the Time cover is a great addition. Thanks for telling me about it.

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