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Last week, I traveled to New Orleans for work. We were at a convention, working hard all day, so when night came we were hungry and ready for a beer!

One of my favorite restaurants we visited was Acme Oyster House. I read about it on when looking for boiled crawfish, something I’d eaten last time I was in southern Louisiana. We almost left when we saw the long line for a table, but changed our minds when we realized we’d be able to have a beer while waiting in line. Soon, we were sitting inside and ready to order just about everything on the menu.

First, fried catfish. I usually don’t gravitate towards fish choices on menus, but this was amazing. It tasted like it was breaded in cornmeal, and the texture was perfect. So were the accompanying hush puppies.

Catfish and Crawfish at Acme Oyster House
Catfish and Crawfish at Acme Oyster House

Then, some oysters. I usually go for raw, but the chargrilled variety they serve, plump from the heat and spicy with garlic and cheese, were enough to convince me that raw’s not the only way to go.

Next, the reason I came – crawfish. We ordered two plates and they were so good we instantly ordered two more. If you haven’t eaten crawfish, they’re somewhere between a shrimp and a lobster, and the boiled crawfish they serve in Louisiana are soaked through with a spicyness that render them completely addictive. As with any other shelled creature, there’s a trick to eating crawfish. Check out the instructions halfway down this page.

Acme is conveniently located and has reasonable prices compared to most restaurants in the French Quarter. It’s informal and has a vibrant atmosphere. Next time I’m in New Orleans, I’ll be ready for a return visit.

Acme Oyster House
Map Marker 724 Iberville St., New Orleans, LA

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