Memphis BBQ

We went to Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, and took every opportunity to sample some barbecue…

Memphis BBQ

The first photo was actually in Nashville, coming from the airport – stopped at at Jack’s for lunch (  I had a pork shoulder plate and enjoyed trying all the sauces (there were at least 6).

Exhibit B, a rack of ribs from Rendevous (, a bustling joint that people have been walking down an alley to dine in since 1948.  Second barbecue of the day for us, and my first rack ever in the dry style.

And last but not least, a chicken plate from Corky’s (, one of the few places open for Sunday lunch. I’m glad fate led us there!

4 thoughts on “Memphis BBQ”

  1. Hey Stephanie — what I want to know is where can you get great Barbecue in Providence?! And when you find out let us all know on!

    Oh — and I have to tell you trying to decipher these letters in order to submit a comment is EXTREMELY difficult

  2. awesome! I’ve been to both Rendevous & Corky’s, I seem to miss Rendevous more.. something about the dry rub.. so good

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