End of Summer

Fall is my favorite season, but the end of summer still fills me with regret for all my unrealized summer plans.   Like taking the Newport ferry, which will no longer set sail next year.  Or renting bikes on Block Island – I’ve still never been.  But sometimes you can take a bit of summer with you into the fall, like we did one night at Iggy’s in Warwick.  The line was shorter but the food, and the walk along the beach, were just as good.

Iggy’s in Warwick

We compensated for the summer’s lack of fried seafood by ordering in overabundance – chowder, clamcakes, calimari, fried clams, seafood platters…

5 thoughts on “End of Summer”

  1. the ferry is ending?? i wonder why! the few times i’ve taken it, it has always been packed. even if it was over-air-conditioned and i always found myself wrapping a beach towel around me for warmth, it was such a nice way to get to and from newport.

  2. We started the spring with Iggy’s and Aunt Carrie’s back in May, but the summer was surprisingly fried-seafood-free. I’m not sure how that happened.

  3. There is still time to get to Block Island this year! Many of the restaurants and shops are still open and there are less tourists so it’s easy to get around.

    Come on out!

  4. You definitely need to do Block Island.

    Heck, it’s been enough years that I need to do Block Island again as well.

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