Wings from Hell

As a 10-year-old tomboy, I always rose to the dare of eating something spicy. I’d chomp a hot pepper and try to convince everyone that it was nothing, even if the steam circling out of my ears belied my suffering.

I guess that part of me hasn’t died, because last night I went to Providence’s new BBQ joint Rick’s Roadhouse and insisted on finishing their Wings from Hell so I could get my picture on the Wall of Flame.

The waiver we had to sign hinted at how hot the wings would be. And they were HOT. My dining companions were only able to get through one or two, but once I hit four I became one with the pain and made my way through the rest. These weren’t tasty wings for spice lovers – they were a potent weapon slathered with as much capsicum as a wing could hold. Strangely enough, they were so hot that the Beamish Stout we were drinking tasted like pure sugar. I managed to survive, though we canceled our movie plans for the evening so we could all go home, clutch our stomachs and feel sorry for ourselves.

My Place on the Wall of Flame
My Place on the Wall of Flame

This was my second meal at Rick’s. The first as a bit more modest – a shared deluxe barbecue platter. We thought Rick’s was the best barbecue we’ve had in Providence, but I know barbecue is a very subjective and touchy subject, so you should find out for yourselves. A lot of the menu items are a very good value, like the pulled pork sandwich which is just $5.49. They have a bunch of whiskey flights and you can get pitchers of beer (which is a necessary accessory to wash down really hot wings).

If any of you decide to rise to the hot wings challenge, let me know what happens!

Rick’s Roadhouse
Map Marker 370 Richmond St., Providence (in the Jewelry District)

8 thoughts on “Wings from Hell”

  1. OMG!

    Beamish and really hot hotwings, a Man’s Mans Meal! It’s so hard to find Beamish at a restaurant, even harder on tap. Is it on tap there Stephanie?

    I’ll have to get down and give this place the test. I don’t know if I’ve found MY BBQ restaurant in the Providence area yet.

  2. Yes, it’s on tap! You can get 16 or 22 oz glasses or a 48 oz pitcher. I’d love to hear what you think about their barbecue.

  3. I went through the Wings From Hell challenge yesterday and am glad to say that my photo is now up on the Wall of Fame however I having been paying the price all this morning.

  4. Hey Stephanie, after reading your review I was inspired so much that I managed to scrounge up some friends and head down to Ricks Roadhouse for some Wings from hell. I too have an obsession with hot foods as I cover 90% of everything I eat in some sort or hot sauce/chili paste. Needless to say, I not only completed the Wings from hell challenge, but I did it back to back, eating 12 wings instead of the regular 6!!!! I thought you could appreciate this! Great blog keep it up!

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