Italian for Two (or more)

Portion increase is a hot topic these days, blamed for the obesity of younger generations. Most of the time I prefer smaller portions at restaurants, but I make an exception for hearty food that makes me feel like I’m at a family dinner.

Italian might be the perfect cuisine for large portions. Imagine a giant bowl of pasta fit to feed four, or chicken parmesan as large as a dinner plate. Here are a few places in Rhode Island you can go for a great meal and great leftovers:

1. Angelo’s Civita Farnese – Providence’s Federal Hill is an obvious choice for Italian, and Angelo’s – just past the famed pineapple on Atwells – has been serving up affordable home cooking since 1924. One of the reasons everyone loves Angelo’s is that you never know who you’ll sit next to, as it’s frequented by Providencians of every walk of life. Their eggplant parmesan has been awarded by the Phantom Gourmet.

2. Twin Oaks – Drive into a Cranston residential neighborhood and just when you think you’re lost, you’ll see a large (and usually full) parking lot. Just like the portions, the restaurant is gigantic, having grown immensely since its former life as a 1930s speakeasy. Waiters and bartenders dress to the nines, but you don’t have to. A classic cocktail should help you relax as you browse the menu, and don’t miss the daily specials.

3. Am I being selfish? I want to keep this one a secret. Like Twin Oaks, it’s hidden in a residential neighborhood. You can get a bottle of wine for just over the price of the average glass, and the leftovers last for several meals. Where is it? Maybe I’ll tell…one day.

9 thoughts on “Italian for Two (or more)”

  1. No, I’ve never heard of this place – or are you being clever and it’s your kitchen? Perhaps Jeremy and I will have to take you to this secret place one day. We also have to take you to Stanley’s.

  2. St. Bart’s is on Sophia Street in Providence. It’s in the basement of a church and serves dinner to the public on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoons (at least it used to; I haven’t been in over a decade)
    Great, cheap Italian food and wine!
    Now it’s your turn…give it up!

    You must go to Mike’s. That’s a place I go regularly – it’s not to be missed!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

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