Happy Hour

Did you know that Rhode Island is one of the few states with strict laws prohibiting happy hour drink promotions? Luckily, those laws don’t say anything about food. Check out these two specials for your happy hour fix.

Happy Hour: Big Fish oysters and food from McCormick and Schmick’s
Oysters at Big Fish (credit: Michael O’Mara), $1.95 burger and cajun fare from M&S

1. Big Fish‘s Oyster Happy Hour
When? Twice a day, once from 4-6pm and again an hour before closing.
What? 49 cent oysters as well as other discounted bites. The oysters were delicious. Rumor has it that regulars have been known to order several dozens.
Where? Map Marker 370 Richmond St., Providence (in the Jewelry District)

2. McCormick and Schmick’s
When? 3:30 – 6:30pm and 10pm – midnight, weekdays only
What? A cheap but filling appetizer menu at the bar, 2-drink minimum. The star, in my opinion, is the $1.95 half pound cheeseburger (complete with fries and a pickle). On Wednesdays, they offer cajun appetizers.
Where? Map Marker 11 Dorrance St., Providence (Downtown)

5 thoughts on “Happy Hour”

  1. Yes, I understand this foolish law is responsible for the cancellation of the creative Half Price Wine Mondays night at places like Pane Vino on Atwells Ave.

    It was such a great opportunity to have a nice bottle of wine with dinner at a price similar to what you would pay at retail.

  2. Oh no! I had no idea that the Monday special is no longer going on. That was my first date with my boyfriend, and I was hoping we’d go again some day. How sad.

  3. I think that Massachusetts also has a similar law? Stupid arcane puritanical laws! California is full of happy hours – my friend Dana went into some serious culture shock when she started at Harvard Law and realized there was no discount booze to be had!

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